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System is a complete system of solid-coloured frost-proof glazed porcelain tiles made by Ceramica Vogue.

System includes four collections:

Interni: defined by solid matt colour which accentuates the identity of the tile, available in 34 colours and 8 sizes, with special pieces available in all colours.

Trasparenze: characterised by a glossy finish that reflects and "welcomes" the space around it within the tile, available in 26 colours, eight sizes and a range of special pieces in all colours

Flooring & Grip: specifically designed for use on the floor, with non-slip properties (R10 B (A+B) - R11 C (A+B+C)), available in 14 colours 4 different sizes



Tradition and elegance integrated into a complete ceramic system to satisfy all and any design requirement.

The BISELLO collection available with a satin finish derived from the System INTERNI collection.

The BISELLO collection available with a glossy finish derived from the System TRASPARENZE collection.

Bisello is available in 10 colours with finishes and sizes that can be mixed and matched with the INTERNI and TRASPARENZE lines.


Materia is the new collection of 10x20 cm glazed stoneware tiles by Ceramica Vogue.

Available in 8 different colours, all the tiles come in a glossy finish and 4 also in a matt finish.

Light reflects off the surface texture, creating a luminous vibration that "moves" the walls on which it is applied, interacting with the surrounding space.

The structures and colours of Materia evoke another age, adapting perfectly to classic environments, while also suiting a more contemporary style.



Dekorami is the new collection of glazed stoneware tiles with surface micro-structures designed by the Marcante-Testa firm for Ceramica Vogue.

The design of the three-dimensional structures, despite their contemporary language, uses simple geometrical shapes that bring to mind decorative elements from the past, as suggested by their three names: Kolonne, Koriandoli and Kodici.


Graph or millimetre paper is printed with fine lines making up a regular grid used for precision drawings.

The collection of rectified glazed stoneware tiles named Vogue Graph reflects, in its very name, the aim of being adopted by designers and end users as a drawing tool for vertical and horizontal surfaces. The three available sizes and the 29 colours of the Neutral and Color series can be matched with coloured grouts to create countless combinations suiting every environment in which Graph is to be used. Its easy-to-clean, R10 non-slip surface is suitable for residential and non-residential applications, such as offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals and sports facilities. 



Confetti is the new collection of glazed stoneware tiles designed by the Marcante-Testa (UdA) firm for Ceramica Vogue.

This project is characterised by patterns of graphic inspiration evocative of a near past that can protect the most intimate aspects of people and their memories.

The Confetti collection comes in one format (25x25 cm, rectified, 10 mm thickness) with four types of decorations suggested by the names of the architecture in four Italian cities: Milano, Venezia, Roma and Torino.

Shade 50

The SHADE 50 collection, the second largest Ceramica Vogue production line, completes our design range with large rectified tiles. A collection with decidedly contemporary aesthetics combining basic colours and natural tones for 14 colour "shades" that, starting from black, are available in the various cold and warm tones of grey, beige and white. The idea behind the collection is the desire to propose new colour shades in line with current chromatic and design needs and stems from our research laboratories, the result of the wealth of knowledge and manufacturing experience of our company. Made of frost-resistant white glazed stoneware, suited for both floors and walls, it comes in the rectified 50x50 cm size. 


Floor Collection

Vogue Floor includes all the Ceramica Vogue Series specifically designed to be used for flooring. A characteristic common to the series is the ability to combine modern aesthetics with an outstanding technical and safety performance, without ever neglecting the need to ensure ease of cleaning and maintenance. Practicality, non-slip functionality and the originality of the textures are characteristics shared by the Vogue Floor line, all available in a wide range of colours, suitable to tile large surfaces and combinable with other Ceramica Vogue collections.

Mix Series

As part of the Ceramica Vogue Vogue Link line comes the Mix series, new decorative solutions to be combined with the wide range of Ceramica Vogue colours and sizes. The frost-resistant white glazed stoneware mixes, with multiple colour shades in Interni (satin), Trasparenze (glossy), Flooring (non-slip R10 surface) and Grip (non-slip R11 surface) finishes, have been designed to provide endless design possibilities and imaginative alternatives to solid colours. Suitable for floors or walls, both indoors and outdoors, the fibreglass mesh-backed 5x5 cm format creates a finished size of 30x30 cm. The colours mixed at random (3 colours at 33% each) have been derived from the Vogue System and can be integrated with other collections in terms of colours and size modularity.


Pool Collection

The most appropriate products for use in beachfront environments on the basis of your chosen destination. Whether you wish to tile a swimming pool, beach, changing rooms, or even edges, walls or stairs, you’ll find the most suitable aesthetic and technical solution choosing from the products

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