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The Colore collection includes indoor and outdoor collections characterised by natural colours solid color or melangé with slightly rounded glossy surface, satin or denim or metallic effect, with non-slip mixes and finishes permitting use in wet areas such as swimming pools and spas.

Appiani mosaic is made using the single press kiln firing technique, which permits creation of tiny ceramic tiles characterised by outstanding aesthetic quality, durability and strength. Flat tiles with rounded edges feel smooth and pleasant to the touch, and facilitate cleaning and hygiene.



Mosaics which gather within them water, light and reflections which swell and grow and multiply, which have a story to tell.

 Unique works for your unique character.



Appiani Mix ceramic mosaic mixes are produced in single-press firing a technique which fixes glaze to clay by dry pressing. The Denim, Diva, Anthologhia, Seta, Metallica and Open Space ranges are mixed according to calibrated percentages, creating an infinity of different mixes grouped by emotional affinity in the Denim, Neutral, Colour and Wellness collections. With unique, surprising results, they combine light and finish effects in a fascinating kaleidoscope of ideas, which can be mixed and matched and used for both floor and wall tiling.

Custom Made

Never stop dreaming. One by one, the colour dots dissolve the idea and recompose it in hundreds of ceramic mosaic tiles. The image designed becomes a finished work. Forever.


Other Surfaces

A number of covering options for kitchens and bathroom areas - combined with mosaics, tiles of various sizes and colours can be laid onto floors and walls and adjusted to rooms of all kinds. The beauty of ceramic takes on new forms with Appiani guaranteed quality.  

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