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High quality adhesives & grouts are imported from Technokolla (Italy)

Companies associated : 

1. Iris/FMG Ceramica

2. Appiani Mosaic

3. Vogue Ceramica

High quality aluminium, stainless steel and plastic profiles are imported from Plasdecor (Spain)

High quality tools are imported from Raimondi & Montolit (Italy)




ceramic tiles




Tools for

tile cutting



Technokolla is a specialized manufacturer of the highest quality bonding agents for the building trade, adhesives for fixing wall and floor cladding materials, waterproofing coatings, grouting, sealants and products for preparing substrates.


Iris/FMG Ceramica is the world leader in the production of ceramic and porcelain tiles for wall and floor coverings for residential, retail and industrial projects.

Appiani. Ceramics with superior aesthetic appeal for architecture and mosaic art; the guarantee of no constraints to creativity and no limits to functionality. Individual pieces and flexible modules enabling designers to create combinations, designs and layouts with great decorative finesse and architectural value. 

The outstanding technical performance and attention dedicated to aesthetics characterise Ceramica Vogue-branded products, giving rise to a wide range of environmentally-friendly tile collections designed to furnish interiors and exteriors with innovative solutions, suitable for private spaces but also ideal for public places such as schools, hospitals and swimming pools.

A vast catalogue of glazed stoneware or solid coloured glazed porcelain available in a variety of sizes and finishes, all complete with special pieces, allows you to choose between exceptional customised solutions to furnish your bathroom and kitchen.


Plasdecor is a pioneer in the manufacture of profiles and accessories for ceramics and construction. It has established itself as one of the leaders in its sector.

Not only made in Italy but made in Modena - 

Brevetti Montolit SpA deals with the production and marketing of professional equipment and various lines of electric and manual machines for cutting and drilling stone materials.

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