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Techno XL

Powder adhesive to be applied in thick layers for fixing extruded cotto and ceramic tiles

Main Features -

1. Monocomponent

2. Frost proof

3. Layers upto 15 mm thick

4. Optimum workability

5. No creep

Substrate - 

1. Cement-based plaster

2. Cement-lime mortar

3. Gypsum-based plaster*

4. Anhydrite screeds*

5. Cement-based screeds

6. Concrete.
* after application of PRIMER-T PLUS

Appearance -

White Powder


12 months in a dry place

Fields of use -

1. Indoor and outdoor fixing ceramic floor and wall tiles, such as: cotto, twice-fired, singlefired ceramic, split tiles and porcelain stoneware in small sizes.
2.  Spot-glueing of insulating materials such as: polystyrene foam, mineral or glass wool, pressed wood fiber panels.


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