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Primer 101

Monocomponent epoxy primer in watery dispersion.

Fields of use -

1. Adhesion-promoter for class C2 (EN 12004) cement-based adhesives on non-absorbent substrates, such as: ceramic tiles (glazed bricks, polished stoneware, etc.), stone materials, PVC, linoleum.

2. Treating absorbent* or fairly absorbent surfaces, such as: concrete, cement-based screeds, gypsum**, plasterboard, anhydrite**, wood and chipboard before applying adhesives, skimming plaster or cement-based self-levelling mortar.

* Dilute product with water in 1:1 ratio for use on absorbent substrates.

** When PRIMER-101 is applied, the residue humidity in the gypsum-based substrates described above must be less than 0.5%.

Appearance -

Pale blue liquid


6 months in dry place, protected from frost and high temperatures

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