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High performance, quick-setting twocomponent adhesive for fixing large
ceramic and marble tiles.
Suitable for over-tiling and on heating

Main Features -

1. Quick Setting

2. Two components

3. Highly deformable

4. Frost proof

5. No creep

6. Layers upto 20 mm thick

Substrate - 

1. Cement-based plaster

2. Cement-lime mortar

3. Gypsum-based plaster *

4. Anhydrite screeds *

5. Cement-based screeds

6. Concrete.

7. Aerated Concrete

8. Old Ceramic floors

9. Old linoleum floors **

10. PVC ** or Vinyl **

11. Wooden panels

12. Plasterboard *
* after application of PRIMER-T PLUS

** after application of PRIMER-101

Appearance -

White  Powder


Powder: 6 months in dry place
Liquid: 12 months protected from frost and heat

Fields of use -

1.Quick fixing ceramic tiles of all types, even large sizes, on indoor and outdoor walls and floors, swimming pools or facades.
2. Quick-fixing stone materials, also those liable to staining and with a slight  tendency to warping.
3. Suitable for use when high performances are required as the installation in industrial environments: P4 and P4S.
4. Over-tiling on top of old ceramic tiles, also outdoors and without the use of primer.
5. Suitable for fixing thin porcelain stoneware slabs.
6. Fixing composite marble with an average sensitivity to water, indoors*.
7.  Fixing on electric or water heating screeds.
8. Spot-glueing insulating panels made of polystyrene, polyurethane foam, rock
or glass wool and cork.
* The outdoor installation of composite marbles must be assessed with the
manufacturer of these materials.

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