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Stone Maxi

High thickness, highly flexible, rapidly
hydrating, ultra-white powder adhesive,
particularly suitable for fixing natural stone.

Main Features -

1. Rapid

2. Monocomponent

3. Can be used in thick layers

4. Highly flexible

5. Frost proof

6. No creep

Substrate - 

1. Cement-based plaster

2. Cement-lime mortar

3. Gypsum-based plaster *

4. Anhydrite screeds *

5. Cement-based screeds

6. Concrete.

7. Aerated Concrete

8. Old Ceramic floors

9. Old linoleum floors **

10. PVC ** or Vinyl **

11. Plasterboard *
* after application of PRIMER-T PLUS

** after application of PRIMER-101

Appearance -

Ultra-white powder


6 months in dry place

Fields of use -

1.Quick-fixing of natural stone and marble. Suitable for fixing composite marble indoors and outdoor.*
2. Fixing ceramic tiles of all types outdoors and indoors on walls and floors.
3. Suitable when high performance is required and surfaces must be subjected to pedestrian traffic within a short time, such as: tile fixing in industrial environments, in swimming pools, on façades or over-tiling on old ceramic tiles, indoor.
4. Fast fixing ceramic or vitreous mosaic.
* The laying of composite marble outside must be assessed with the manufacturer reassembled.

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