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Cement-based grouting for 1 to 8 mm joints, with fine finish and bright colour. Microshield system provides active protection that helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould, which can cause stains and deterioration of the grouting. Highly sanitizing.

Main Features -

1. Bright shades that remain colorfast over time

2. Water repellent

3. High degree of hardness

4. UV resistant

5. Frost proof

6. Mould-inhibiting

7. Fungicide

8. Sanitizing

9. Bacteriostatic

10. Abrasion resistant

Appearance -

Fine powder in 30 colours 


24 months in dry place (aluminium package)

Fields of use -

1. Grouting joints between all types of ceramic tiles, both indoors and outdoors.

2. Grouting marble.

3. Tile laying with 1 to 8 mm joints. 

4. Grouting in swimming pools.

5. Grouting vitreous mosaic.

6. Fixing on heating floors.

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