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Modified polymer cement-based selflevelling product with rapid hardening, for thickness from 2 to 10 mm.

Main Features -

1. Monocomponent

2. Dispersion adhesive proof

3. Indicated for applications on heated screeds

4. With thickness > 2 mm it is indicated under the action of wheeled chairs or furniture according to EN 12529

5. Modified polymer

6. EC 1 PLUS R: very low emission

7. Very smooth finish

8. Can be pumped

Substrate - 

1. Concrete

2. Cement-based screeds

3. Rapid cement-based screeds

4. Screeds based on calcium sulphate (anhydrite)

Appearance -

Grey powder


8 months in dry place

Fields of use -

1. REPLAN-N is designed to fill and level the substrate before the laying of indoor ceramic, textile or flexible floors in residential and non-industrial applications.

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