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Fast-setting, self-leveling mortar for layers up to 10 mm thick

Main Features -

1. Monocomponent

2. High mechanical strength

3. Optimum bonding capacity

4. Fast-setting

5. Layers up to 10 mm thick

6. Very smooth finish

7. Can be pumped

Substrate - 

1. Cement-based screeds

2. Quick-setting screeds

3. Concrete

4. Floors in PVC

5. Linoleum

6. Vinyl materials

7. Anhydrite screeds

8. Old ceramic or marble floors

9. Water-heated screeds.

Appearance -

Reddish powder


8 months in dry place

Fields of use -

1. Leveling indoor floors in layers 2 to 10 mm thick before fixing floor materials in rooms with moderate traffic, such as apartments, trade fair stands, libraries and similar.

2. Leveling indoor floors in layers 3 to 10 mm thick before fixing floor materials in places with heavy traffic (class P3 according to UPEC classification), such as hospitals, offices, airports, schools, public buildings, etc.

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