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Rasoelastic Evo

Monocomponent fiber-reinforced cementbased mortar for waterproofing and protecting concrete.

Main Features -

1. Monocomponent product

2. Reinforcing net not required

3. High bonding capacity

4. Waterproof

5. Good crack bridging ability

Substrate - 

1. Concrete

2. Cement-based plaster and screeds

3. Cement-lime mortar

4. Old ceramic and wood.

Appearance -

Grey powder


12 months in dry place

Fields of use -

1. Waterproofing and protecting waterworks such as basins, tanks, concrete pipes, reservoirs and canals, also containing drinking water.

2. Waterproofing and protecting underground outdoor walls. - Waterproofing walls, floors and basements in the presence of slightly counterthrusting water.

3. Waterproofing under tiles on pool, bathroom, terraces and balconies. conforming to the performance requirements of class CMO1P of standard EN 14891:2012.

4. Protection of concrete surfaces, in accordance with standard EN 1504-9: 1: Protection against penetration (cladding); 2: Humidity control (cladding); 8: Increased resistivity (cladding).

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