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Two-component epoxy sealant featuring high chemical resistance and workability for 2 to 20 mm joints. Ideal for industrial environments subject to aggressive chemicals.

Main Features -

1. High resistance to aggressive chemicals

2. Optimum workability

3. High mechanical strength

4. High degree of hardness

5. Optimum cleanability

Appearance -

Comp. A-thick paste in white colour

Comp. B-viscous liquid


24 months in dry place at temperatures from +10 to +30°C

Fields of use -

1. Grouting the joints in ceramic or stone* floors or walls, e.g.: porcelain stoneware, split tiles, ceramic or marble mosaic. In places or on surfaces subject to aggressive chemicals, such as: dairies, laboratory tables, tanneries, paper-mills, industrial kitchens, slaughterhouses, wine-making enterprises, etc.

2. Grouting the joints in floors subject to heavy traffic, industrial storehouses, shopping centers, etc. EPOSTUK can be used as adhesive (class R2T in accordance with EN12004) for glueing the above mentioned cladding materials to iron and fiberglass reinforced plastic.

3. Suitable for grouting swimming pools, also when filled with seawater.

* To make sure the colour does not change, it is advisable to perform a cleanability test before grouting natural stone materials.

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