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ALL 9000

Universal high-performance bicomponent
Particularly suitable for fixing natural stone
and marble affected by damp.

Main Features -

1. Two-components (A+B)

2. Optimum workability

3. No creep

4. High Performance

5. Extremely flexible

Substrate - 

1. Metal

2. Sanded surface

3. Rubber

4. Plastered surfaces or gypsum-based panels

5. Anhydrite slabs

6. Plasterboard

7. Wood

8. Cement-based plaster

9. Asbestos cement

10. Concrete

11. Cement and lime mortar

12. Cement-based screeds

13. Old ceramic tiles

14. Polystyrene

Appearance -

COMP. A: viscous white paste

COMP. B: yellow liquid


6 months in dry place

Fields of use -

1. ALL 9000 may only be used by experienced professionals.
2. Fixing ceramic tiles of all types and sizes to difficult substrates or ones liable to warp considerably.
3. Fixing natural stone affected by humidity, composite marble.
4. Fixing vitreous mosaic.
5. Fixing ceramic tiles to kitchen surfaces or work tops, to wood or iron surfaces.
6. Fixing on heating screeds.

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